It’s no secret that when a company’s employees are healthy, the company is more productive as a whole. Absenteeism and disability claims go down and employee morale gets a well-needed boost upstairs because of the newfound sense that the company really cares about its employees. Have we mentioned enhanced recruitment potential and general good juju in companies where wellness programs are offered? This whole “wellness thing” is here to stay folks … and for good reason!

Guess where real wellness starts. Yep…in the kitchen! …and in a restaurant … and in the grocery store. The simple truth is that the choices you make around the foods you eat, wherever you eat them, affect your personal health … and in turn, how much energy and focus you have for all facets of your life, including work.

The Culinary Center of Kansas City, using its expertise in culinary education, has developed a wellness program featuring convenient, employee-driven healthy cooking education that will arm your employees with approachable yet informative and practical tools to make a real difference in their day-to-day lives. Choose the options that perfectly suit your company’s wellness philosophy, size and budge or let us customize a healthy cooking program specifically suited for the needs and desires of your employees. Let us share our commitment to making a real difference in the lives of your employees when it comes to healthy eating.

Several unique options are available in our CookWell! program including three Healthy Cooking Series, individual healthy cooking classes with over 100 topics from which to choose, a "Healthy Hands for Hunger" concept that benefits the health of the whole community, a “recipe of the week” option, a break room “treat of the week”, healthy brown bag lunches and other caterings, wellness “kitchen round tables” and many others. Click here to see a full description of all CookWell! options.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a wellness option! Take advantage of our free Employee Survey. We’ll provide a link to a short survey that you send to your employees. It’s as easy as apply pie! If they want to learn to make healthy “brown bag” lunches, then that’s what we’ll teach ‘em. If many are interested in cooking for weight loss, then we can provide it. And guess what? YOU are the hero for listening to them.


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