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“Chef2tall” Answers Your Questions

Q. How do you roast peppers?

A. Wash and coat lightly with olive oil. Place over an open flame (you can set them directly on the flame of a gas burner or on an outdoor grill directly over the flame). Roast until charred (they will be black almost all over the peppers). Place in a paper or plastic bag (or in a dish covered with plastic wrap) and wait for 5-10 minutes. This will “steam” the skin off of the pepper and allow it to finish its “cooking” process. Clean the stems and seeds form inside the pepper and peel the charred skin away. Do not rinse the roasted peppers under water…you’ll lose all the goodness! Use them right away or store them covered in olive oil.

Q. What is the best way to cook vegetables so that you retain the nutrients and still have good flavor?

A. The shorter the cooking time the better. I would recommend to sauté or stir-fry. Another option would be to steam the veggies OVER water (not in it)!

Q. Matt, I am tired of my winter dish, normal meals. Do you have a simple meal idea that is great for this time of year?

A. Think tropical to get rid of the winter blues. Teriyaki chicken with pineapple rice and stir-fried & fresh Snow Peas.

Q. Matt, I have an extremely picky 10 year old. She won’t eat beef and eats chicken just occasionally. I am trying to find more ways to get some protein in her diet besides cheese and peanut butter. Any ideas on a way to incorporate beans (something she won’t touch) into something for my picky eater where it blends in or seems more palatable? Maybe if I can enlist her help in the kitchen she will try it out!

A. Kids definitely like to help out and are more willing to eat something they had a hand in making. Go ahead and try out the ingredients one more time but have her help you prep and cook it. Try the beans on some cheesy nachos. My little ones don’t like beef a lot but the one preparation they love is a steak off the grill that has been sliced very thin to bite size. I let them add some condiments as they wish. Another way to incorporate beans would be in a dip. What about hummus with pita bread…they won’t even know they are eating beans! Also you could puree beans and add them in small amounts to sauces. Hope this helps

Q. I’m looking for a white chili recipe for this Sunday

A. The Recipe of the Week posted yesterday on http://kcculinary.wordpress.com/2010/02/04/recipe-of-the-week-4

Q. What guidelines would you recommend following when deciding when to use one’s oven in its convection mode rather than the standard (electric, in my case) mode?

A. Convection can be used for almost anything, but if you desire a slow and low baking result, use the standard. Baked goods, small meats, vegetables all do well with convection.


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