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A Day Away From The Office

by our Manager of Merriment, Maria

How does this sound for your “required” day away from the office?

  • 9am
    We arrive to the warm and inviting Culinary Center of Kansas City in downtown OP for fresh coffee (or for some of us, Diet Coke!) with warm, homemade muffins and fresh fruit drizzled in lavender essence….Followed by our meeting to discuss the upcoming quarter, or maybe it’s a brainstorming session?  All the while, we’ll be surrounded by the aroma therapy and good juju that can only be offered at a culinary arts center..ahh.
  • 11am
    Time to move into the kitchen for instructions on our next activity, which calls for aprons and gloves!  That’s right, it’s time to have fun and make lunch! Maybe it’s an activity where you make a meal from mystery ingredients and no recipes?  OR, for the less adventuresome, we’ll meet the CCKC’s chef and make lunch under his tutelage and expertise.  What if we prefer to work with confections?  Then why not build structures out of cake and icing? Hmm…The possibilities are endless!
  • 1pm
    Now it’s time for the Awards Ceremony: Yep, everyone gets recognized for their efforts during the culinary activity.  You won’t BELIEVE the prizes folks!  Golden- Oscar-statue-guy, eat your heart out!!!  OK, not quite……
  • 2pm
    Wow, what fun we had….and our bellies are FULL!  Who knew Bob from Accounting had mad chopping skills?  And Mary, the admin from HR?  Wow, that woman can direct a team of “pastry chefs” like nobody’s business, not to mention her singing talents!
  • 3pm
    After reviewing our fun filled and productive day, it’s time to hit the road and leave our comfy spot here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.  Can’t wait to apply what we learned today back at the office tomorrow, not to mention in our home kitchens tonight!
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