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An Odyssey For Food At The Ball Park

Yesterday was a frustrating day for me from a food perspective.  You’ll know what I’m talking about when I tell you I went to the KC Royals game at Kauffman Stadium.   I risk sounding like a food snob but I’m going to go there anyway so bear with me while I vent a bit.  Because I have a hard time just laying out the bad news, I feel the need to further preface my comments by admitting that someone, somewhere along the way, realized that the food options needed to be totally revamped at Kauffman so I know they’re trying out there .  However, here’s my beef.  Why is it so hard to find healthy food choices at the ballgame?   I totally get the fact that it’s going to cost more for EVERYTHING at the ballfield and I understand that sometimes it’s ok to splurge but there I was, standing with my wallet at the ready and prepared to swallow the ridiculous prices, but there wasn’t a darn thing that wasn’t high on the fat/salt/carb/sugar meter.  Ok so maybe a bag of peanuts (albeit with salt I might add) would suffice….but does that really sound like lunch to you?   What the heck is going on?  Am I the only one that sees this?  Surely it’s not about needing to provide the masses with inexpensive food because as I have already indicated, it ain’t cheap out there.   I know.  I know.  I just need to tap into my small town American heritage and have a hotdog but those of you know me would know that a hotdog will never pass these lips.   I am still in awe that someone would actually choose to eat one.  And to those of you who have already started formulating a scathing anti-American response post to this frank “anti-frank” statement, take a moment to do a bit of research first and then see if you can actually tell me with a straight face that I should just suck it up and eat a hotdog.   I can’t help it that I actually choose to put real food in my body.    Back to the food choices…. After a long and somewhat patient search, I did end up settling on a limp BBQ veggie burger that sat sadly on a processed white bread hamburger bun.  What’s the point?  It did get me through the game…along with a beer I might add.  Hey, everything in moderation right?  well….except for hotdogs.  🙂

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