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American Royal 2010

CCKC’s Midwest BBQ Institute
at The Culinary Center Of Kansas City
“Goes For The Gold”
at The American Royal Barbecue Contest!

The Culinary Center of Kansas City ‘s  –  Midwest BBQ Institute (“MBQI”) (offering serious educational curriculum dedicated to the art and science of grilling and smoking) will be competing for the first time in the largest BBQ competition in the world – the American Royal Barbecue!

MBQI headquarters for the weekend of Oct. 1 – 3 will be its  “Smokin’ Schoolhouse” booth on the grounds of the American Royal BBQ Contest.  Heading up the MBQI competition team will be  American Royal Grand Champion Winner Chef Richard McPeake along with The Culinary Center of Kansas City’s  own Executive Chef Matt Chatfield  and Culinary Instructor, Food & Beverage & BBQ Guy Bruce Campbell.  Everyone is invited to register to join us for some food, drink and tomfoolery at our “smokin’ hot” Friday night party.  On Saturday we are offering two cooking classes on-site at the American Royal:  “Introduction to Smoking” from 12:00-2:30 and “Flamin’ Fantastic Appetizers On The Grill”  (5:00-7:30) (featuring a Hobnobber’s Happy Hour).  Become a “teacher’s pet” in our “Weekend In The Inner Sanctum of a Competition BBQ Team” — in an exclusive “up-close-and-personal” full-weekend opportunity to learn competition BBQ “hands-on”  from the masters themselves.  Registration for all events is available at
Friday Night “Smoking Schoolhouse” Party! Fri. 10/1/10 5:00-11:00

Join us in our Smokin’ Schoolhouse at the biggest BBQ party in the world as we set fire to a bash that will put all the others to shame. This will be “recess” at it’s finest with music, beverages and some of the most unique BBQ fare you’ll find at The Royal  We’re all about the education but we’ll make it fun with our “Ask-A-Chef” Station, a “Make-Your-Own-Butt-Rub” Station,  Your registration automatically qualifies you for a drawing on the night of the party for a catered BBQ party for 25 people at your home.  There will be boasting, tomfoolery and impromptu “throw-downs” and “pig offs” as well as cameo appearances by the “who’s who” of the BBQ world. If that’s not enough, we’ll include an event T-Shirt in the mix. Wear it proudly – it’s your “hall pass” (a/k/a/ admission) to the Smoking Schoolhouse Party.  (Shameless marketing at it’s finest wouldn’t you say?!) All this for only  $48.50 per person!

BBQ “Study Hall” Class: Introduction to Smoking

(See for description of this class)  Sat. 10/2/10 12:00-2:30 $75

BBQ “Study Hall” Class:Flamin’ Fantastic Appetizers on the Grill

featuring Hobnobber’s Happy Hour!

(See for a description of this class)  Sat. 10/2/10 5:00-7:30 $75
BBQ “Study Hall” CLASS: A Weekend in The “Inner Sanctum” of a Competition BBQ Team(The American Royal Barbecue Contest, the largest BBQ competition in the World) Fri. 10/1/10 (8:30 a.m.) through Sun. 10/3/10 (6:00 p.m.)  $495

Here’s a BBQ opportunity of a lifetime! This ultimate BBQ experience is limited to 6 participants and places you inside the inner sanctum of a seasoned BBQ team (actually not just “seasoned” but an American Royal Grand Champion BBQ team).  You will work and learn alongside our Midwest BBQ Institute’s BBQ Team as we take it step-by-step through the entire American Royal contest process. From set-up to break-down with all the juicy competition activities and celebrations in between. You’ll learn all the ins and outs, from prep and trimming of meats, to fire building and maintenance, entry presentations and judging activities and so very much more!

The Culinary Center of Kansas City offers over 6500 square feet of event space including two state of the art teaching kitchens where they hold over 450 cooking classes each year in addition to culinary teambuilding and private events. They also have a culinary retail store called The Kitchen Shop and offer frozen “Dinners on Demand” for purchase.   Since April 1998, they have offered to the public their popular “Staff Lunch” – a $12 lunch offered to the public every Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Contact: Rachel Ciordas
“Dean of Deliciousness”
The Culinary Center of Kansas City
7920 Santa Fe, OPKS 66204
P: 913-341-4455 x102

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