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“Rock The Casbah” at Tuesday Lunch

Imagine the warm breeze flapping through the market tents in a small Moroccan village.  Breathe in the scents of warm Mediterranean spices and feel the tension go away.  Open your eyes, look up and you’ll likely see a Casbah (or “Kazbah”), a walled fortress-like structure, on the hill.  Join us as we serve Casbah cuisine in the form of a Chicken Tagine at Tuesday Lunch on March 24.  See you Tuesday between 11:30 and 1:00 at The Culinary Center of Kansas City!

Chicken Tagine with Fruited Couscous
Cucumber and Mint Tzatziki Sauce
Warm Pita Bread
Cardamom Rice Pudding

Learning about Lunch:

Taginetagine (or tajine) is a North African dish similar to a stew, as well as literally the dish in which it is made. The Moroccan earthenware piece consists of two pieces. The bottom piece can double as a serving plate for the stew. The traditional tagine would be placed above coals, but can also be cooked in the oven or on a stovetop. The conical top piece helps bring condensation back to the bottom of the dish.  A similar dish to the North African tagine is tavvas, found in the cuisine of Cyprus.

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