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A Word From A Volunteer Foodie Crew Member…

Here are some thoughts from one of our Volunteer Foodie Crew members. They’re everyday food-lovin’ home cooks like you, and they help in our culinary classes.  So we’re reviving our ‘Crumbs from the Floor’ blog segment with this post from Volunteer Scott…

Volunteer Scott“I wanted to become a better and more knowledgeable cook, so I signed up for a “Pan Sauces” course at The Culinary Center of Kansas City last year, taught by Chef Richard McPeake.

I learned a lot in that class – I also learned that I didn’t know much at all about cooking technique.  My interest in learning more was stimulated, and I signed up for a few more classes (How to Make Gnocchi, taught by Chef Cody Hogan from Lidia’s restaurant in KC, then a Couples’ Cooking Class with my wife, taught by Chef Jim Tinkham).

After those experiences, I decided to volunteer at  The Culinary Center of Kansas City!  I get to work with other amazing Chefs from the KC area, learning their skills and secrets, and meeting and helping other interesting folks who have an interest in cooking.

Volunteer Food CrewVolunteering for classes has been a worthwhile and enjoyable experience and something that I always look forward to when I am scheduled.  It is a lot of work, but where else can one learn how to make a Citrus Semifreddo, Chocolate Bouchons, Bananas Foster or Creme Anglaise without going to culinary school?!”

For more details about our Volunteer Foodie Crew, click here.

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