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Beer & Wine & Spirits, Oh My!

Beer Wine & Spirits ClassesCooking involves all kinds of ingredients . . . including beer, wine and spirits.  (And sometimes the ingredients go into the COOK…not just the dishes right?)  And we know that beer, wine and spirits can take our dishes up a notch as well.  So, get your bad self educated, for goodness sake. We have many upcoming classes this fall to celebrate and educate about beer, wine and spirits. Local experts instruct the classes, and spots are filling up quickly. Grab your seat in a class now!

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or to sign up for the following fall classes:

Beer Fest in the Kitchen!
 Sat, September 26, 2015 * 6:30-9:00 * $75

Wine 101 with Sommelier Brent Grider
A must take class for the basics! 
October 8 or December 29 * 6:30-9:00 * $65

Kitchen Wars: Beer in your Food!
Competition in the kitchen with brew.
Fri, October 9 * 6:30-9:00 * $75

Winemaker For A Day!  A Bordeaux Blending Class
A very special experience for those who love wines!
Thu, November 5, 2015 * 6:30-9:00 * $65

Spirits of the Celtic Nations – Scotch & Irish Whiskey Tasting
Uh huh…you heard me…we’re tasting some fine ones too!
Friday, November 6, 2015 * 6:30-9:00 * $75                            

Girls Night Out: Toasting the Holiday Season
Get your besties together and set your holiday get together!  Check it off the list!
Thursday, November 12, 2015 * 6:30-9:00 * $55

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Holiday Cocktails
Learn how to do it right – making cocktails that is!
Thursday, December 3, 2015 * 6:30-9:00 * $55

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