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Because Real Wellness Begins in the Garden…

COOKWELL. From Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers Market - CookwellFarmers Markets are up and running and brimming with fresh and healthy(!) produce.  Tuck these Five Farmer’s Market Tips into your market bag and have a great time…

  • Get there early  Get up with the sun and be one of the first people at the Farmers Market. The freshest produce and the best deals will be snatched up first, so give yourself an advantage by arriving early.
  • Scope out the scene  Don’t be tempted to buy everything at the first vendor you come across. If it’s a large market there will be many vendors selling similar items. Check them all out before making a purchase. See who offers the freshest looking items, who has the best prices, and who’s local and organic.
  • Try something newIt’s OK to go to the Farmers Market armed with a shopping list, but keep your options open. You never know what great new items you might find if you’re willing to take a chance.
  • If you can’t get there early, get there lateThat’s right, if you can’t be an early bird, be a last minute deal snatcher! At the end of the market, vendors want to unload their remaining merchandise and there are often discounts to be had. There’s no guarantee that the items you want will still be available, but it’s worth making a last minute walk through the market before closing time to see what deals you can snag.
  • Eat seasonally The best thing about going to the Farmers Market is getting to sample local produce at the very peak of its growing season. Think peaches so ripe they drip down your chin, tomatoes packed full of sun-ripened flavor, and peppery arugula so light and crisp you can almost taste the field it came from. When you eat what’s in season, you get the opportunity to taste fruits and veggies when they are at their very best.

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