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6 Classes In January That Are Hidden Gems

CCKC Cooking ClassesIf we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times > “There’s a cooking class for everyone at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.”  The wide variety of classes is evidenced in January with the following classes, including some new concepts that are not to be missed. Check out these SIX classes on our January schedule…

More Info: JCA: Kids Cook Gluten-Free & Grain-FreeJunior Chefs Academy (ages 9-14)
Kids Cook Gluten-Free & Grain-Free

(Adult/Child Option)
Mon, Jan 15,  10:00 a.m. – 12:30  p.m.
Instructor: Jackie Caldwell
Hands-On  |  Tastings & Take-Home Half-Dozen Muffins
Join us for a sweet gluten & grain-free cooking lesson. Kids will be putting on an apron and preparing some of the recipes alongside Jackie while she teaches them lots of essential cooking techniques like chopping, mixing, the proper way to measure & stir and more as they learn to make some of her very favorite kid-friendly gluten-free & grain-free recipes including Banana Muffins (with or without nuts), incredibly tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies, and homemade Waffles.  Plus, Jackie will discuss batch-cooking that will allow you to  freeze the muffins and waffles that can be popped out and enjoyed anytime.  And, as an added bonus, Jackie will teach her Green Smoothie recipe!

More Info: Coffeehouse BreadsWeekday Cooking Lessons with Chef Jackie:
Coffeehouse Breads – Biscotti, Muffins & Scones

, Jan 16,  10:00 a.m. – 2:00  p.m.
Instructor: Jackie Wilson
Limited Hands-On  |  Tastings, Coffee (of course) & Take-Home Bread
What is more compatible with your morning coffee or tea than fresh baked breads like those you find in your favorite coffee shop? This class will focus on three mixing techniques: the muffin method, the biscuit method, and the creaming method, which will allow you to produce a variety of memorable breads quickly and easily in your own kitchen.  Come enjoy a morning of baking as we produce muffins, scones, and biscotti together. Chef Jackie will lead you in some hands-on practice, as well.

More Info: Toque WarsFlavorful Weekend Nights:
Toque Wars!  Two Chefs. Two Dinners. One Winner.
Sat, Jan 20,  6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
Chef Jesse Vega vs. CCKC Lead Chef Molly Flynn
Demonstration Class  |  Tastings & Wine
The stage will be set for some fine culinary entertainment as two of our very own CCKC instructor chefs compete in a ‘toque-to-toque’ battle while showing off their culinary acumen, all in good fun, of course (or maybe not… depends on how the night goes, right?).  Here’s how it works… You’ll be met with a stunning appetizer as we introduce the evening’s festivities.  Then each chef, one at a time, will be given a box of mystery ingredients and one hour to cook and plate their dazzling creations all the while explaining to you what they are doing while they are doing it.

More Info: Up Close & PersonalUp Close & Personal in the Kitchen:
Learn to Cook Like $%@# Gordon Ramsay

Sun, Jan 21,  6:30 – 9:00  p.m.
Instructor: Tosha Gutheridge & Stephane Laporte
Limited Hands-On | Dinner
In this “up close & personal”-style limited enrollment class, you get what you have always dreamed of…lessons in cooking like rock star Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, except we’ll put the “ixnay” on the profanity! (C’mon, we’re a class act here at The Culinary Center!)  Culinary tips and techniques will be in order as Chefs Tosha & Stephane create some fabulous dishes like Scotch Eggs, Beef Wellington (complete with an authentic Mushroom Duxelle), Sticky Toffee Pudding and much more… all without the hurled insults and crying!

More Info: An Unusual Evening of Bier & Food PairingFlavorful Weekend Nights: Prost! & Bon Appetit!
An Unusual Evening of Bier & Food Pairing
with Cicerone Nathan Schriner
, Jan 27,  6:30 – 9:00  p.m.
Cicerone Nathan Schriner & CCKC Lead Chef Molly Flynn
Demonstration  | Dinner & Bier Tastings
When one thinks of food for beer pairing, images of bratwurst, pretzels and cheese come to mind, but Nathan wants to show you that, like wine, beer can be exquisitely paired with even classic French dishes such as Smoked Trout Rillette, delicate French cheeses and a Languedoc-Roussillon style Cassoulet.  Got your attention, didn’t we? And I haven’t even talked about the salad or dessert courses.  Each of our courses this evening will be paired with Reinheitsgabot approved German beers of Kansas City Bier Company.

More Info: Weird & Wonderful Dessert PartyA Weird & Wonderful Dessert Party
featuring Recipes Inspired by Momofuku Milk Bar (NYC)

Tue, Jan 30,  6:30 – 9:00  p.m.
Instructor:  Kris Koehler
Limited Hands-On  |  Tastings
Join us for an interactive cooking party featuring unusual, but delicious, quirky desserts inspired by those found at the famed Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC.  You’ll start with a boozy milkshake to sip on during class…. which, by the way, you will love… along with Chef Kris’ down-to-earth personality. Then, she’s going to teach a variety of dessert creations with cray-cray names like Crack Pie, Corn Cookies, and Sweet Cereal Milk Ice Cream Pie.  Say What??

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