Waffles in The Tasting Room

New Month = New Tastings. August in The Tasting Room @ The Culinary Center of Kansas City

It’s August in The Tasting Room @ The Culinary Center of Kansas City and you know what that means, right? A new month and a new dish for our Chefs to show off with and for you to taste for FREE each Saturday from 10-2! But before we announce what tasty theme August holds, let’s bring you up to date. We launched The Tasting Room in July with a BANG on the Saturday after 4th of July. Our Chefs killed it with four grilled cheese masterpieces:

  • Chef Sandy’s “Mexican French Dip”
  • Chef Vicky’s Mexican Fajita Grilled Cheese and her Bacon Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese and finally
  • The “BBQ Dude’s” Southwest BBQ Grilled Cheese.

We sampled local craft beers, the “Guava Nice Day” Margarita, Mean Mule Tequila, Drunken Cherry Bourbon Smashes and learned how to make our own Shandy’s and Radlers. Hundreds of folks stopped in on Saturdays in July and experienced something new, interacted with our Chefs and Bartenders and tasted mad flavors. It was a good month and a great launch of The Tasting Room.

August Surprise

So, let’s talk about August. What food is loved as much as grilled cheese, can be crafted literally dozens of ways, tastes either sweet or savory, can be served as an appetizer with caviar or as a dessert with ice cream and is as common in restaurants as it is home kitchens? Give up? Quoting Donkey from the movie Shreck, “…We’re Makin’ WAFFLES!”

But we’re not just talkin’ about the same ol’ cakey rendition slathered in butter and drenched in syrup. (Not that I would disrespect that classic standby. No sirree…that would be culinary suicide!) We’ll be answering the question: “What Can We Waffle?” (a/k/a how can we use our waffle iron to amaze and impress). Another way to pose the question: “What CAN’T Be Waffled?”

Chef Jill will kick off Wild Waffle Month in The Tasting Room this Saturday, August 7th, with TWO versions of waffles. These Chefs are competitive and she wants to WIN! She won’t disclose her plans, but she will promise a sweet waffle dish that may or may not contain the words “butter pecan” AND a savory waffle dish that will make you scream “Mama Mia!” With Chef Jill, we never know what to expect, but we do know it will be delicious and we also know she will tell you ALL about how she made it!

So stop by this Saturday at The Tasting Room @ The Culinary Center of Kansas City. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info as we get the deets on this weekend’s lineup. Getting Chef Jill to spill the beans (er, the batter) on what she will be creating is no easy task. She is all about the ‘build up.’ Our own Libation Specialist Delaney O’Rourke will be noodling all week on the paired drink samples to pair with each of Chef Jill’s creation. Stay tuned to get the latest information on what’s happening in our kitchens!

“We need to remember what’s important: Friends, Waffles & Work.
Or Waffles, Friends & Work. Doesn’t Matter. Work is always last.”
—said someone important


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