Salted vs Unsalted Butter

Salted vs. Unsalted Butter

Butter… Is there anything better?

Salted vs Unsalted ButterWhy do we love butter so much? Easy: FLAVOR. Nothing beats butter for that complete homecooked, unctuous, creamy, delicious flavor. Whether you are using it to cook or bake with, it continues to be a GO-TO ingredient for its versatile and yummy nature.

So, which butter is best? Real butter comes in two basic forms: salted and unsalted. (Margarine doesn’t even make this list. In fact, I’m only mentioning it now so that you know I won’t be mentioning it again.)

All real butter is made from real cream. It’s whipped or churned until it becomes a solid. Salt can be added for more flavor. It’s that simple.

Which butter is best for cooking

Which butter is best for cooking? Well, that’s a personal choice. By using unsalted butter, you control the amount of sodium that’s going into a recipe, using as much or as little as you prefer, to create the flavor balance that is perfect for your tastes. Salted butter will enhance the flavor profile of anything it’s added to, whether savory or sweet. Additional amounts of sodium should be considered when using salted butter. In other words, butter it up, just taste your dish before adding more salt. Remember: You can always add more salt, but you can’t take it away.

Salted vs Unsalted ButterMost baking recipes will dictate which type of butter is needed to turn out the intended result. I suggest that if the recipe calls for unsalted butter, use unsalted butter. If the recipe does not specify, but also lists salt as ingredient, I would use unsalted butter. However, if all you have is salted butter, do not let that deter you from making that recipe! Simply cut back the amount of salt required by the ingredient list to adjust using salted butter. And again, tasting is paramount to finding the right balance for your palate.

Salted butter is a fantastic way to finish sauces. By adding a pat of butter right at the end, your sauce will be more flavorful, creamier and beautifully shiny.

By using unsalted butter in the pan when making scrambled eggs, you still get that luscious butter flavor but you can add more salty things like bacon and cheese without the end result being too salty.

It really is a personal choice. It’s one choice I never have a problem making a decision about – either way, I end up with butter. WINNER!!!!

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