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Fourth of July BBQ Essentials!

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for BBQ’s with family and friends…and that means gathering the most cutting-edge BBQ essentials. Spoiler alert! You can find them all in The Kitchen Shop at The Culinary Center of Kansas City! Check out these smoking hot necessities for your backyard BBQ!


Stop using kitchen forks to shred meat and invest in the Grill Claws. They’re perfect for pulled pork, offering more leverage, comfort and little mess!


BBQ in style with these Kitchen Boas. Everyone should know who created their delicious holiday meal! They’re also dual-purpose in being a wearable tea towel that you can wipe your hands on – let’s face it you can’t waste time running inside to wash your hands, someone needs to tend the grill!


No BBQ meat is complete without the perfect rub! Whether your flavor preference is sweet, spicy or both, these rub brands got your covered!

Rib Stars

Created by The Culinary Center of Kansas City’s very own Chef Richard McPeake, Rib Stars captures the flavors that makes you think of backyard BBQ! Rib Stars has rubs specialized for brisket and “sweet heat” ribs which was named “Best Hot Rub” by American Royal. You’ll no you’re BBQing like a pro using what the pros use (and made)!

Shit Products

Despite their name, these rubs are far from shit! A Kitchen Shop favorite, the Shit rubs serve a variety of flavors for any crowd. Here are some of our Fourth-of-July favorites:

  • Bad Ass Shit: A simple rub made of wholesome ingredients that guarantees tender, moist meat!
  • Good Shit: This sweet and savory combo is perfect for ribs and will be enjoyed by everyone in the family!
  • Aw Shit: This rub will give your barbecued brisket a nice kick that will leave people saying “aw shit, that’s good!”

But that’s not all! Their sauce BBQ Shit is also available making it the perfect time to toss out your generic store BBQ sauce!


Comfortably manage the grill with these mitts! Kitchen Grips and Two Lumps of Sugar’s mitts are comfortable and non-slip – we don’t want anyone dropping the burnt ends! They’re also dishwasher safe making them an easy clean!

*In-store purchase only

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