‘Made in KC’ BBQ Sauce Competition

'Made in KC' BBQ CompetitionMove over pitmasters, we’re taking BBQ Sauce to a whole new level with our ‘Made in KC’ BBQ Sauce Competition™!  Trade the typical company picnic or the boring restaurant dinner for the heat of the kitchen and get fired up at this smokin’ fun competition brimming with culinary adventure and fun.

First, head into the kitchen with your co-workers, clients, friends or family and enjoy a tasty grilled appetizer prepared by one of our CCKC chefs, then listen up as a BBQ Pro gives you the low-down on exactly how to create your own personalized Kansas City-style BBQ sauce.

Then it’s into the kitchen as teams start designing and building their own customized BBQ Sauce complete with a clever moniker and packaging.  The clocks will be ticking and the judges waiting to choose a winner!  When the competition is over, everyone is rewarded with an award-winning BBQ meal made by the CCKC chefs!

Can you take home your own sauce?  Most definitely!  Are dinner recipes included?  Of course! All of your guests will be sent home with a customized recipe booklet and the recipes from your entire meal to re-create at home.   (P.S. Wanna learn how to make a BBQ Rub too?  We can add that as well.)


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