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Bottle o’ Wine – ‘I Am’ Pinot Noir

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Grab a bottle of this Romanian Pinot Noir that has been perfectly paired to enjoy with our “A Charcuterie Board For Any Occasion” but it also works its magic at any outdoor picnic especially one of our Picnic Pack Experiences™! With its aromas of red raspberry, black and red cherries and cinnamon, this baby is very picnic food friendly…just like you I’m sure. The tannins are smooth, and the finish has a bit of spice. When you’re one glass in, you’ll certainly be able to announce ‘I Am’ relaxed!” Cheers!

Kansas Alcohol Tax is included in the sales price. In accordance with Kansas Liquor Laws; upon pick-up a member of our staff will open your bottle of wine, immediately close it (so no worries that the air will significantly impact the quality of the wine in any way) and place it in a transparent, sealed bag along with your proof of purchase.

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