Pro Series Cookware

It’s the last cookware you’ll ever buy. Promise!

Cook like a pro with our line of high-quality Pro Series Cookware™ designed for the home cook.  Each piece is hand-crafted to our specifications and sports an inspirational food quote (because we are NOTHING if not creative!)

  • Beautifully designed commercial-grade cookware
  • 5-ply efficient heat conduction allows for faster cooking at lower heat (surgical stainless steel/pure aluminum/aluminum alloy/pure aluminum/surgical stainless steel – those are the plys!)
  • Hand-crafted exterior mirror finish – high polished, easy-to-clean interior
  • Even heat distribution, spreading the heat quickly & evenly and staying hot longer
  • Cast stainless riveted handle
  • Heat resistant ‘stay cool’ V handle
  • Warp-resistant bottom – the pan hugs the burner for maximum heating efficiency
  • Rolled edges for ‘no drip’ pouring
  • Vapor seal lids keep natural goodness inside
  • Self-storing covers nest perfectly for easy storage

Stop by our Kitchen Shop to see the complete line of cookware available – or shop online and we’ll ship it.

Pro Series Cookware™ is a trademark and service mark of The Culinary Center of Kansas City®.