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Foodie Gift Box: ‘Bad-Ass BBQ’

The Top Equipment & Accessories for The Bad-Ass BBQ’r. Nuff said.
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There’s a reason Kansas City is the BBQ Capital of the World. We do it best! Here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City, we’ve been teaching folks how to smoke and grill through our Midwest BBQ Institute for 23 years! Our BBQ instructors are literally world champions! No foolin’! With the right tools, ingredients and instruction, YOU can BBQ like a pro, too. In our ‘Bad-Ass BBQ’ Foodie Gift Box we have curated what we know to be some of the best tools, products, and accessories to bring out the inner Bad-Ass BBQ’r in anyone. Choose from our Standard ‘Bad-Ass’ Box or our premium ‘Badder-Ass BBQ’ Foodie Gift Boxes. Here’s what’s included in each:


  • Meat Claws: A simple but revolutionary tool for pulling meats such as pork or chicken.
  • 11″ Grill Tongs: No one can grill or smoke without a pair of high-quality long-handled tongs. Check.
  • High Temp Deluxe Grill Glove: Even though BBQ’rs are ‘bad-ass’ it’s not a good look to sport burned hands or arms. That’s why we included this staple BBQ tool. These Fox Run Heat Resistant Gloves withstand temps of 650°F, and are comfortable!
  • Award Winning BBQ Dude’s Rub: This seasoning mix created by our own ‘BBQ Dude’ Larry Hadley is one of our go-to’s here at The Culinary Center of Kansas City. It’s perfectly balanced and goes on just about anything. Our own Main Dish Laura Laiben uses it on grilled salmon to rave reviews!
  • Joe’s Kansas City Big Meat Seasoning: The owners of Joe’s Kansas City restaurants and BBQ products are also Grand Champs of The World Series of BBQ American Royal BBQ Contest. Their ‘Slaughter House 5’ team created this amazing product that is a must for all Bad-Ass BBQ’rs.
  • Boulevard Brewing Can-O-Que BBQ Sauce: There are tons of great BBQ sauces from which to choose, but how could we not include another Kansas City iconic brand in our line-up of great BBQ products. Boulevard Brewing has created a unique BBQ sauce packaged in a can. Pop one and get your grill-n-chill on.
  • Your Choice of a Bad-Ass BBQ Cookbook: Pick from three BBQ cookbooks to personalize your gift. An educational tome perhaps with all the BBQ deets? Or maybe your recipient does most of his or her BBQ’ing over a campfire or has a passion for grilled vegetables. Choose from:
  • Your Choice of A Signature Kitchen Boa: Developed by our own ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben, the Kitchen Boa is an innovative mix of both fashion and function and allows the Bad-Ass BBQ’r to master their ‘que hands-free! She has created hundreds of designs including several that are perfect for the Bad-Ass BBQ’er in your world. Choose the one that matches the personality of your recipient.
  • The Culinary Center of Kansas City’s Best Recipes, Second Edition Cookbook (signed copy): Give your Bad-Ass BBQ’r a leg up with 100 of our favorite recipes. Written, tested and compiled by our own ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben this one is destined to be dog-eared!

‘BADDER-ASS BBQ’ FOODIE GIFT BOX. includes every item in the Standard ‘Bad-Ass BBQ’ Foodie Gift Box PLUS the following:

  • Ultimate Digital Thermometer: You know what they say…it’s all about having the right tools. Cooking smoked and grilled meats to the right temperature is key. This tool makes it easy.
  • Jones BBQ Coconut Pineapple BBQ Sauce: While there are tons of stellar BBQ sauces, we’ve included one that is unique. It’s locally made in Kansas City to boot! By the way, did you catch the Queer Eye episode that featured these bad-ass ladies of ‘que?
  • American Stockyard Smokey Mustard BBQ Sauce: Again, a distinctive and unusual product for the discerning Bad-Ass BBQ’r.
  • Rib Stars “Rub Me Tender’ Chicken Rib: Crafted by our own Worlds Series of BBQ American Royal BBQ Grand Champion + 40+ year Executive Chef Richard McPeake this BBQ rub mix doesn’t get any better. We promise!
  • ‘Bad Ass Sh*t’ Seasoning & Rub: Here’s a product that lives up to its name. Plus who wouldn’t want to respond with this title when a diner asks what they used to make their food taste so helaciously good.

The Fine Print: Given the global shipping issues we reserve the right to substitute similar products of equal or greater value should it become impossible to secure any product. However, we have carefully chosen vendors and products to address this issue as best we can.

**Do to high volume, please allow a minimum of 24 to assemble and pack your foodie box

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