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Larch Wood Round Cutting Board

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This is where durability, quality, functionality and artwork meet. The one tool that every type of cook should have in their arsenal.This round board is a perfect surface for food prep or presentation.

The wood grain is carefully selected for each board which makes every one unique. The boards come with soft rubber feet attached with stainless steel screws so they don’t slide on the countertop. The feet also prevent moisture from being trapped under the boards and make them easier to lift.

The boards are made from Larch also known as Tamarack. The wood is harvested and produced in Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Made with the end grain which is the toughest part of the wood. End grain boards are self-healing because the wood fibers are placed vertically. When they are penetrated with a knife they will open up then close up after contact.

Larch is rot resistant and has antimicrobial properties that neutralize bacteria from raw meat.

Larch Wood boards are made to last a lifetime if they are properly maintained by cleaning after use and regular application of board conditioner.

14.5″ diameter, 1.6″ thick

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