Larch Wood Boards Online

“I have had my Larch Wood cutting board for 10 years and I love it. It still looks like new! That’s why I am excited to work with Larch Wood to make this amazing product available to our customers.”

Laura Laiben, The Main Dish @ The Culinary Center of Kansas City

  • These artisan cutting boards are made from Larch (also known as Tamarack) which is rot-resistant, giving it strong antimicrobial properties that neutralize bacteria.
  • Each board is made with ‘end grain,’ which is the toughest part of the wood. Creating the boards with end grain means the wood fibers are placed vertically, giving the boards a ‘self-healing’ quality. When they are penetrated with a knife, they open then close up after contact.
  • Chefs prefer Larch end grain boards because they are the right density for daily use and their knives remain sharper for longer periods of time.
  • These boards are made to last a lifetime with proper maintenance using a food-safe wood conditioner, such as Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioners made from beeswax and mineral oil.
  • They are sanded and finished to a much greater degree than other cutting boards on the market.
  • Each board has rubber feet attached with stainless steel screws, so they don’t slip on hard surfaces and so moisture won’t get trapped under the boards.
  • Each board is unique and truly a piece of functional art.

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