Made In Our Kitchens

Putting dinner on the table just got a whole lot easier.

Our chefs are big fat show offs. They just keep creating wonderful dishes for the shelves and freezers in The Kitchen Shop™.

Just right for dinner, entertaining or thoughtful gift-giving, the tasty dishes and snacks on our Kitchen Shop shelves and in our freezers are packaged in various sizes and are labeled with instructions for easy preparation and a full list of ingredients. Heck, we even give you ideas and recipes for side dishes or variations. Ready for you to pickup!  (Or call us and we’ll deliver orders of $150 or more for no extra charge within 15 miles of downtown Overland Park.)

Whether you are looking for a culinary classic, international fare, a unique twist on your favorite dessert, or a nice side dish to compliment a meal, we want to make that next meal one to remember. 

Meet Elle t

Watch as Elle T, our Goddess of Good Eats at The Culinary Center of Kansas City, talks about the tasty, chef-prepared dishes in our freezers. >>>

Stop by our Kitchen Shop to stock up. Or call or email us your order. We’ll be happy to hold it until you can get here to pick it up. We’ll deliver order of $150 or more for no extra charge within 15 miles of Downtown Overland Park.  We aim to please. It’s what we do.