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Putting dinner on the table just got a whole lot easier.

Order chef-made dishes from our Kitchen Shop – it’s easy and delicious. Check out the current menu below, order online and then pick up your order here in Downtown Overland Park. Come on inside, or call us when you arrive and we’ll deliver your order curbside!

    Join us for the Wurst Party Ever!

    You’re Invited To…
    The Wurst Party Ever!
    Friday, Oct. 2  | 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

    German Oktoberfest Curbside Dinner with Dine-With-Us Beer Garden Option

    We’re kicking off October with some real-deal German fare with a beer garden party option  to [das] boot! Pigs may get a bad rap in a lot of cultures but not so in Germany. The swine’s place in the Fatherland is secure. And so too in German culinary heritage. To that end, to be lucky in Germany is schwein haben or “to have pig.” Consider yourself lucky with our menu this week!   

    Order your German Oktoberfest Meal, and let us know whether you’ll be picking up curbside or dining with us in our socially-distanced beer garden complete with German beers and Chef Joshua tending his giant pot of sausages cooking in beer and garlic. It’ll smell like you’re in Munich, for sure. 

    Here is the menu, my freunds and freundins:

    Menu For 4

    Pork Schnitzel 
    with Sour Cream Dill Dipping Sauce
    (4 tenderized pork loin slices, dredged in a savory breading then pan-fried to a golden crispy goodness )

    Herb Spaetzel in Brown Butter
    (handmade tiny pasta like your Oma used to make)

    Sweet Braised Red Cabbage
    (slow cooked and seasoned with German love)

    Pretzel Bread Rolls

    Includes 4 ‘Pretzel Necklaces’

    (you heard me… they’re necklaces made from pretzels.  And yes, you can actually eat them. Did you expect less from us?)

    $60 | serves 4
    Order the 'Hungry German Meal'!

    ~~~ ~~~
    May we also suggest? 

    ADD:  4 German Sausages Cooked In Beer  | $20.00
    (slow simmered in garlic and seasoning, this addition would turn your ‘Hungry German Meal’ into an Oktoberfeast!)

    ADD:  4 Individual Black Forest Trifles  | $15.00
    (dark chocolate cake, whipped cream, cherries – a classic)

    ADD:  Spicy Mustard | half pint  |  $7.00
    (homemade seasoned mustard perfect for dipping sausages
    or pretzel bread… or eating with a spoon) 
    ~~~ ♥ ~~~
    Order The  Hungry German Meal and
    Get 15% Off
    Any Chef-Prepared Dishes!*

    You’re stopping by anyway, so why not pick up some more great food to stock up your freezer?!

    You must use promocode FRIDAYNIGHT when ordering online to get the 15% discount.

    (* small print: The discount excludes ‘The Hungry German’ Meal, the German Sausages Cooked In Beer & The Black Forest Trifle Desserts.)

    Meet Your New Best Friend…

    A Charcuterie Board For Any Occasion

      …my wife and I just made dinner of the charcuterie tray, along with a bottle of Napa Valley Chardonnay. Excellent! I know you all are trying to find ways to generate income while business is slow, and this one works. I hope you get lots of orders. We occasionally have salami, cheese, olives and nuts as dinner on weekends, so this fit right in.  …really liked the spicy mustard! Can I buy more of that in the kitchen shop? The cheeseball was good too. I ate an entire dried fig for the first time.. oh, and since I was one of the first 25, I got the the truffles – yes!  Now, for another glass of wine….”    – Roger B.

        Each of these chef-prepared gems includes: hard salami, mortadella, a luscious little power-packed cheeseball rolled in toasted nuts, a perfectly sized layered torte made with fresh basil pesto, sun-dried tomato pesto, cream cheese and goat cheese, dried figs, olives, nuts, spicy beer mustard, assorted crackers, napkins, serviceware and wipes.   

        And here’s the real kicker… while your board will be refrigerated and ready to go when you pick it up, each board may also be frozen until ready to use. (What did she just say? Yup. Just pull this baby out of the freezer, let it thaw a bit and you’re ready to rock.) Add a bottle of perfectly paired wine (see our selections for purchase when you order your charcuterie board) or a KC Variety Six-Pack of locally crafted beers (ditto)… and the rest of the party is up to you! 
        Each charcuterie board serves 2-4.  
        $35 / charcuterie board

        ~~~ ♦ ~~~

          Chef Jill shows you some of the tasty treats that come in our picnics and charcuterie boards, and Chef Andrew points out some wine varietals that you might enjoy with it, along with a description of the wines and which foods they pair well with. >>>

          “There are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.”
          – W. Somerset Maugham

          Now more than ever, the picnic is the perfect solution to our craving for social interaction. Not only can we gather in a socially distant fashion, but with picnics, each bite tastes better, more savory and with a sense of abundance, adventure and that certain joie de vivre. 

          We invite you to pick up one of our Picnic Experience Packs™ and take your dining al fresco… in the yard, at the park, on a bridge, at a sporting game… anything goes.  You choose your perfect place and your perfect picnic partner…even if it’s just YOU!  And nothing differentiates the amateur picnicker from the more seasoned like a killer blanket. One that brings comfort to whatever ruggedness you find yourself up against, be it pesky tree roots, sand or dew.   Check out our collection of picnic blankets.  They’re Afternoon Nap-Approved! In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out several types of portable feasts from which to choose!