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Are Tesla autopilot cars evil?

About two years ago, the first Tesla cars with automatic control of artificial intelligence entered the market. The tool is still being improved, but at the beginning there was a lot of discussion on the Internet about the fact that caused a stir - the large number of accidents when using autopiloting. Why, despite the improvement of the software, the company's cars continue to get into accidents?
Today, users of modern cars are not surprised by the comfort of heated leather seats and the climate control system, nor is the entertainment system with fully touch-screen controls a novelty. Nevertheless, autopilot in a car is still a huge innovation for the mass car owner, which will not soon come into use by the general public.
The first tests of tesla cars were conducted in Britain in 2018, but many problems remain unresolved today: the autonomous mode car, albeit less frequently, still steadily gets into accidents. The company, which has launched autonomous and remotely piloted Tesla cars, warns every owner: responsibility lies entirely with the driver or owner. Typically, the company warns: the system was created for a short-term rest for the driver after a long drive, not to replace a live driver, and before getting behind the wheel you need to study all Tesla specs.
And many car owners, judging by statistics, do forget about the control of the road, struck by the wonders of technology.
Several tests conducted by British companies in 2019 show the cause of accidents involving Tesla cars that are still relevant today. It was conducted with several road users, under conditions where the car in front of the Tesla sharply reverses into another lane of traffic. So, more often than not, the autopilot does not have time to "figure out" what happened, then there is a collision with a standing car. The autopilot, which sees the car standing on the road without any external factor (a traffic light, for example), just crashes into it.
We can say with certainty: now, and for the next few years, we cannot completely rely on electronics. Recall, Tesla did not initially state about autopilot in the car as a replacement for the real driver, moreover, there was no talk that autonomous mode cars can prevent accidents.
Unfortunately, not all owners heed this, and are likely to rely on electronics. That's why, in our opinion, we hear the shocking headlines saying "another Tesla got into an accident."