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How to make a pyrolysis boiler yourself?

When building a small cottage or rural house, the question of heating the room becomes very relevant. There is one old proven way - stove. However, it does not give pleasure to wake up at night to put firewood. And even despite all these victims, she fades up to the morning, and in the house it becomes unbearably cold.
Today there are quite many options for replacing the Russian stove, however, the most popular of them are pyrolysis boilers. In addition, the pyrolysis boiler does not make much difficulty with his own hands. The advantage of such boilers is that they have a high efficiency, and it is still possible to adjust the power of heating. The peculiarity of pyrolysis boilers is that in addition to wood, the wood gas is still burning in them, which is highlighted from burning firewood under the action of high temperatures. During the combustion, soot is not allocated, and a very small amount of ash is formed. However, despite all the advantages, pyrolysis boilers have their drawbacks - the need for constant power supply and high cost compared to other solid fuel boilers.
As you have already managed to understand, the pyrolysis boiler is convenient and modern. It would seem what is the question - buy and use. But buying a boiler will be done to you in a penny. Alternative to him can become heat pumps with their own hands that are not difficult. Thermal pumps assume the use of free heat carriers for heating rooms.
Based on the fact that the cost of pyrolysis boilers fluctuates within 1000 dollars, becomes an up-to-date question - how to create this design with your own hands? It can be made according to drawings or order from specialists. Basically, boilers acquire from specialists, because it is very difficult to meet such sketches.
For the manufacture of it will need refractory steel, Bulgarian, 3 mm monolith, drill, welding machine, steel pipes, profile pipes, round bars, electrodes, bricks, fans, automation for temperature control. Before making the boiler, it is necessary to see how to solder polypropylene tubes and other incomprehensible questions. The amount of consumable material and its dimensions are determined taking into account the power of the pyrolysis boiler.
Having all the materials and tools are needed, the pyrolysis boiler can be made by harvested schemes. The boiler is able to work both on firewood and on the corner. It all depends on the design.