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BoysGrow Avocado Hot Sauce


BoysGrow Avocado Hot Sauce 702168656708

We can’t keep this one on the shelves!

The class of ’14 created this product. It’s on the milder side as far as hot sauces go but offers a lot more flavor than traditional Louisiana or Mexican style sauces. With a smooth hint of avocado, lime, a traditional vinegar base and jalapeños for the heat, our 2014 product has been a great seller and great on eggs.

Each summer, 30 youth ages 14 -16 commit to a 2 year position working on the BoysGrow farm. As is often the first payed job for the boys, they learn to work together and develop core vocational skills that are applicable in the market like culinary arts, construction, farming, marketing, and public speaking. Through farming and agriculture the boys gain pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the business world.

5 oz.

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