Our Commitment to Community

Giving back to our community is an important part of our business model.


The Culinary Center of Kansas City is committed to giving back to our community.  We believe strongly that philanthropy is an integral  part of running a business.  It’s who we are.   Our work contains our best efforts to support community organizations and efforts to:

  • Ensure that economically-challenged individuals and families in our area have nutritious food 
  • Train individuals to build confidence in the kitchen as employees in the culinary industry
  • Educate the public about healthy eating habits and nutrition 
  • Assist older adults in staying active in the culinary industry in order to ensure a continued rich quality of life 
  • Advocate for sustainable agriculture and the preservation of culinary traditions
  • Educate and promote youth development

An example of one way we have woven our commitment to community into our business model is through one of our most popular interactive cooking experiences  – All Hands For Hunger™  This model is a cooking class with a community service purpose where folks come in and cook a freezer full of food to donate to local charities.  Since 2009, this model has provided literally thousands of meals to the needy in our community.  We are very proud!  It’s social entrepreneurship at its finest!

Commitment to our Community