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Baking & the Pastry Arts

Get Your Mad Baking Skills On!

You can’t be sad when you’re holding a cupcake, right?  Or a macaron, a loaf of freshly baked bread or a cookie? The flour flies and the pins roll as we explore the world of baking and the pastry arts in our kitchens.  Join some of the finest pastry chefs and instructors in the country as they share a deep knowledge of their craft and make it easy to understand, so you can recreate what you learn in your own kitchen!  


World & Regional Cuisines

Get A Stamp On Your Culinary Passport!

“Cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place.”  — Wolfgang Puck
If you want to really understand a country or even a region of the United States, you should eat your way through it.  Learn what the locals eat, how they incorporate indigenous ingredients and where to find those in your own city.  Our goal is to expose you to new cuisines and make them “do-able” in your own kitchen. (You’re welcome.)  


Healthy Cooking

Healthy Starts in the Kitchen

Guess where good health starts?  Yep… in the kitchen, and in the grocery stores and farmers markets too! Our expert culinary instructors teach simple steps that can change your life, one dish at a time!  Whether you have been given a diagnosis requiring a change in your diet or you just want to take charge of your personal health, these classes will inspire you and arm you with real tools of change.


Meals Made Easy

Gettin’ Dinner on the Table

Tired of the same ol’ dinners?  Stuck in a recipe rut?  Break out of your routine and learn how to make great pan sauces, homemade pasta, Asian specialties, one-dish meals, etc.  It’s real everyday cooking for your real everyday kitchen.  Life’s too short to make the same food all the time! 


Professional Culinary Classes™

Serious Culinary Education with Professional Chefs Training

Think you’d look pretty spiffy in a white chef’s coat?  Ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Or maybe you are considering a career in the culinary industry and want to see what it feels like?  Classes noted as Professional Culinary Arts Classes are for the serious cook interested in building on existing skills or jumpstarting a burgeoning passion for cooking.  They are intensive, limited enrollment classes where you’ll enter into an intimate one-on-one cooking experience with a seasoned culinary instructor. And you get to wear an awesome ‘toques’ — that’s fancy talk for a white chef’s hat – so you’ll have that going for you too!


Midwest Barbeque Institute™ (MBQI)

Education in the Art & Science of BBQ, Grilling & Smoking – Be the King of Your Grill

Kansas City is one of the great BBQ capitals of the world!  That’s why we consider it our duty to offer a variety of classes in the art and science of grilling and smoking.  We have some of the finest BBQ instructors in the world (yep, seriously!) Whether you want to be the envy of your neighborhood or grab the gold at a competition, these instructors will leave no briquette unturned.  Even if you’re a ‘King of the Grill’ who knows a thing or two about BBQ, we’ll show you there’s a lot to add to your already smokin’ hot skills. Our BBQ classes are offered on a continuing basis throughout the year — even in winter, ’cause BBQ folks are not sissies! (Customized BBQ events also available.)


Girls Night Out!

Excellent Hen Parties

Sometimes you just need some Girlfriend Time, am I right?  Grab your besties and spend a fun evening in our kitchen for one of our interactive cooking classes designed just for ladies.  Call it a Girls’ Night Out or a Hen Party or whatever you want, just get your group registered and get ready for a great experience.  Actually, ANY of our cooking classes are perfect for your Girlie Gathering. 

LET US KNOW what topic you’d like to see us offer or if you know someone you think would make a kickin’ cooking instructor.   (Click here to view our full class calendar.)


Wine, Beer & Spirits

Hooch, Booze, Tipple & The Demon Drink

Drink it. Enjoy it. Be a connoisseur. Learn more about the beverages you drink, plus how to cook with them!


Kids Classes & Summer Camps

Developing kids’ passion for cooking 

Little Chefs (Ages 5-8): designed for kids to attend with adults

Junior Chefs (Ages 9-14): kids attend solo or with an adult

Teen Chefs (Ages 14-18): higher-level for teens attending solo

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