Donation Requests

Your work is important and we would like nothing better than to say “yes” to every donation request that comes in our door (and we DO receive a lot of them!)  While we make every effort to consider each request and give our fair share to those in need, we are a small company and aren’t able to help in every case. 

We would be happy to consider donation requests on behalf of not-for-profit charitable organizations sent to us as noted below and based on the following information. Thanks for thinking of us and considering our products and services worthy of your request for donation. 

Send a written request  via email atn: Donation Request at  cook@kcculinary.com  (Sorry.  No phone calls or verbal requests please)  or drop it off at The Culinary Center of Kansas City,  7920 Santa Fe, Overland Park, Kansas 66204

Please include with your request:

  1. a tax exempt determination letter 
  2. a list of your organization’s Board of Directors, if applicable
  3. a cover letter stating exactly what you are requesting and why

We will do our best to respond with 2 weeks, however, if you do not receive a notification that your donation has been approved, we were unfortunately unable to donate to your cause at this time.  (Doesn’t mean that we don’t think your work is awesome!)