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Job Posting: 

Part-time or Full-Time WIZARD

(aka Operations Staff)

As part of a team at a successful culinary arts center, this position is an entry-level position that is responsible for general operations including, but not limited to, washing and cleaning tableware, pots, pans and cooking equipment, set-up and break-down of cooking classes and events and other daily utility and/or maintenance duties as assigned.  

Specific Responsibilities

  • Sets up and breaks down the dish machine and pot-washing area according to policy.
  • Loads, runs and unloads the dish machine.
  • Keeps the dish machine clean and reports any functional or mechanical problems immediately.
  • Washes and properly stores all tableware and kitchenware.
  • Keeps dish room clean and organized.
  • Bags and hauls trash to dumpster at designated times.
  • Handles tableware carefully to prevent breakage and loss.
  • Cleans food preparation and production areas as required.
  • Cleans class room areas as required.
  • Maintain standards of personal appearance and cleanliness.
  • Maintain and follow safe and sanitary policies and conditions.


  • Previous experience in food service preferred but not required.
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States.
  • Must have good references
  • Must have transportation, or be able to use public transportation, if available, to and from shifts

Physical Demands: Must be able to perform a variety of physical activities including, but not limited to, standing for long periods of time, climbing, walking, bending, reaching, stooping and lifting up to 50 lbs. Ability to carry and lift cookware (pots, pans, etc) containing hot or cool foods and liquids. Ability to handle sharp knives and cooking utensils. Must be able to use cleaning compounds and cleaning products. Exposure to hot and/or cold temperatures required (stove, freezer, etc.)

Shift Flexibility: Must be able to work different shifts, including nights and some weekend shifts.

Compensation:  Hourly pay starts at $14/hour and is subject to increase depending on experience and proven skill level.


The Culinary Center of Kansas City is located in Downtown Overland Park (7920 Santa Fe, Overland Park, KS 66204) and is a full-service culinary arts center offering cooking classes, special events and interactive cooking experiences, catering, offices and a Kitchen Shop, all in a beautiful 6500 square foot historic building.   The Culinary Center has received many awards but none more important than to be named as one of Kansas City’s “Best Places To Work!”  We believe that creating an atmosphere of strong positive culture will set the stage for passionate employees to do their best work.  Our mission is to consistently exceed client expectations and enrich our community by providing education, cultivation and appreciation for the culinary arts through a variety of experiences including cooking classes, interactive culinary experiences and creative catered events, all of which are brilliantly conceived, precisely and joyously executed in an immaculate and comfortable environment.

General Expectations of a CCKC Employee:

  • share the CCKC’s passion for the culinary arts
  • have a strong desire to educate others in this area
  • embrace our mission as stated above
  • have the ability to work well with a well-honed team
  • be able to work around the public in a professional manner and be customer focused
  • make a commitment to this position as consistency is important
  • be able to have excellent judgment skills in times of difficulty
  • be accountable for every aspect of his/her position
  • be punctual at all times
  • be able to execute and complete each event/class or duty with the highest degree of focus and attention to detail
  • think through how each thing he/she does affects the big picture and not operate within a vacuum
  • be a leader, capable of setting an example to everyone
  • respect all other employees and guests at all times
  • not handle personal matters at work either on the phone or on the computer

Please send (1) resumé and (2) a cover letter explaining why you believe you be perfect for this position to cook@kcculinary.com

AND, if you love food and cooking and all things kitchen-y, consider becoming part of our CCKC Foodie Volunteer Crew.  It can scratch your foodie itch, AND we have been known to hire from within the ranks of our Foodie Volunteer Crew.  It lets us get to know each other while having a great time in the kitchen.