We Sharpen Knives

You’ll be amazed what our Edge Doctor can do.

We Sharpen Knives

* Drop off anytime.

* We’ll call you when they’re ready
   (usually about 2 days)

* $5 per knife
$10 for knives 10″ or longer,
and for badly damaged or dull,
and thick, oversized blades
(I mean, really. We have to charge more for knives that haven’t been sharpened since the 80’s, folks…)

We can sharpen:

Western Style:  Chef,  Paring, Boning and Utility knives.
Eastern Style: Santuko and Nakiri knives
We can also now sharpen Serrated knives, Scissors (as long as they come apart) and Pocket knives.

Sorry, but you’ll have to take these elsewhere:
Large Machete type blades, traditional Japanese knives.

We reserve the right to evaluate our ability to sharpen your specific knives.

"A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen." - Masaharu Morimoto

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