Meet Our Instructors

Instructors?  We prefer to call them ‘Culinary Rockstars’!   

“I approach cooking from a science angle because I need to understand how things work.  If I understand the egg, I can scramble it better.  It’s as simple as that.”
                   – Alton Brown 

“Vegan meals can be fun, easy to make and delicious!”

“I teach to promote the ‘en’ words – engage, enthuse, enlighten, entertain and enjoy.”

“Cooking great food for family and friends is one of life’s greatest treasures!”


“Teaching allows me to share my love of both food and chemistry with others.”

“I love cooking foods from a culturally diverse background.”

“Life is sweet.
Baking makes people happy and brings joy.

“Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.”

“Healthy cooking and plant-based meals are nothing short of culinary medicine.”

“I have a passion for world cuisine and want to help you learn to prepare it!”

“I love cooking because of the universal importance of food on people & cultures.”

“Experimentation and discovery of smoking and grilling is my passion.”

“Sharing the benefits & deliciousness of plant-based cooking is my duty.”

“You can’t lick the bowl watching the food channel.
Let’s Cook!”

“Foods of my Mexican heritage are important to me, and I love to pass that along.”

“I want to whisk you away to foreign lands and foods without leaving the table.”

“I teach people cooking is about ‘FATT’ (Flavor Aroma Taste Texture) & understanding a recipe.”

“Cook with a sense of urgency but have fun.”

“Life is too short to eat bad food. I love to show people how easy it is to create delicious food.”

“I live to inspire and to be inspired.  Life is delicious. Enjoy every bite.”

“I am a foodie and love to teach about and share my love for food.”

“My inspiration is Julia Child. Learn the basics and never be afraid to try new things.”

“It feeds my soul to feed people & see their delight when equipped with new culinary skills.”

Van Stratton

Meet Rachel


Meet Chef Nancy

“Perfect a recipe, then you can put your stamp on it and change it to your liking and taste.”

“I get soooo much pleasure & ideas in return for teaching, it seems almost unfair.”

“I love cutting a chunk off of a living thing and creating a new living thing.”

“‘No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.’   – Julia Child”

“Decorating cookies puts me in my happy place. I want to help others find that place.”

Have a passion & talent for cooking and teaching? Tell us why you’d be great for the CCKC team…