Interactive Event Models

Our expertise is in creative customized interactive events.

Whatever the occasion, we can put together an event for your group. We generally like to add a pinch of cooking and a dash of education, but if you’d rather just be catered to, we have you covered there too! You’ll be amazed at your group’s reaction when you bring them into our kitchens. You’ll be the party-planning hero.

Recipes For Success

A fun and interactive cooking party where, under the direction of our talented chefs, everyone gets involved in making dinner. Then we celebrate around the table.

Mystery Box

Our flagship teambuilding model where teams get to go all ‘Iron Chef’ on each other as they decide what to make for dinner from mystery boxes of ingredients.

Cake Combat™

Move over Ace of Cakes, we’re taking dessert to a whole new level! Teams create customized structures using cake, icing and some ‘mystery’ decorations.

All Hands for Hunger™ Models

This ‘cooking party with a purpose’ takes teambuilding to a whole new level as you feed the needs of our community while strengthening the bonds of your group.

Dinner with a Pinch™

Your best bet for impressing your guests with an impressive and unique dining option where they get to be involved with some hands-on cooking, but just a pinch?

Interactive ‘Fun Lunch’™

Down with boring lunches! Do something different and bring your group to our kitchens for a weekday lunch and get your hands in on the action AND a great lunch.

‘Mix’ and Mingle in the Kitchen™

A new take on the old boring cocktail reception where your guests mix and mingle as they get a bit of culinary education and some hands-on time to boot!

It’s Time To Book Your Holiday Party

Take your group’s holiday gathering from ho-hum to HO-HO-HO! We’ve cooked up a batch of creative holiday party ideas. So reserve your date and mark it off your to-do list.