The Kitchen Shop Experience

"In our world, an apron is just a cape on backwards."
- 'The Main Dish' Laura Laiben

Become a superhero in your own kitchen with a visit to our Kitchen Shop, either in person or online  (And, by the way, we also carry aprons.)

 We’re in love with food. Stories about food, people who cook food, and the products that make our time in the kitchen easier and more exciting. We’re here to help you make magic in the kitchen.


Feel. Taste. Touch. Learn.
Join us in The Kitchen Shop and we’ll show you a whole new way to experience a culinary store. From interactive displays to wine tastings and cooking demos, there’s always something good going on. Check our Upcoming Events page for details on all the fun.

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Come In! Smell what’s cooking in our kitchens. Our Gadget Gurus are happy to help you find that cutting edge tool, unusual culinary gift or the perfect cooking class… or we’d love to chat about Grandma’s Cheeseball recipe, if you want. Or shop online, where you’ll find many of our most popular tools, gadgets and gifts. We won’t judge you for shopping in your jammies either (we might if you wore them into the shop though.. ’cause that be weird.)


The Kitchen Boa®

Created by our own ‘Main Dish’ Laura Laiben and now sold worldwide, the Kitchen Boa is a re-invention of the kitchen towel and a stylish ‘must’ for every cook. Check out the many styles available.

Dinners on Demand

Dinner is a snap with our chef-prepared high-quality frozen Dinners on Demand entrees, appetizers, desserts and more.  Let us help you feed your family and friends. (You’re welcome!)

‘Best Recipes’ Cookbook™

Our ‘Best Recipes of The Culinary Center of Kansas City’ cookbook is a compilation of some of our favorite and most-requested recipes, plus some practical cooking tips.

Pro Series Cookware

Our signature line of high-quality hand-crafted cookware designed for  the home cook, each laser-etched with an inspirational food quote. The last cookware you’ll buy. We promise.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Soap

Just because you cooked with onions doesn’t mean your hands need to smell like it!  Local maker Indigo Wild created this nose-a-licious soap with the scent of pomegranate.

CCKC Cutting Board

These non-porous wood fiber boards made by Epicurean just for CCKC are dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 350°. They make the perfect cutting board.  And did you see that logo?!

The Kitchen Boa®

The Kitchen Boa is a re-invention of the kitchen towel and a stylish ‘must’ for every cook…

Gift Certificates

Foodies love gift certificates. Buy online or in-store!

‘Best Recipes’ Cookbook™

Our cookbook is a compilation of some of our favorite and most-requested recipes.

Cookware We Believe In

We’re proud to offer our signature line of high-quality hand-crafted cookware is the last cookware you’ll buy. We promise.

Our Favorite Kitchen Soap

You won’t believe how good this smells!

The Best Cutting Board

These non-porous wood fiber boards are dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 350°.

We sure do love these next items on the page. Find them in our store in Downtown Overland Park or shop online for them any time, from anywhere.

And stop by our Kitchen Shop for HANDS-ON SATURDAY – all day every Saturday.
Try things – get your hands on them and test them out!

Ultimate Digital Thermometer

If you’re serious about cooking, you need the right tools. That includes a good digital thermometer. We like this one. A lot…

Wusthof Classic 8″ Chef Knife

Lesson #1: To be a good cook, you really NEED quality knives. Class over. We can help you choose a knife that is perfect for YOU.

Digital Kitchen Scales

It’s enough that it’s a great digital scale, but this stainless steel wonder also includes a large bowl, a thermometer and a digital timer.

Messermeister Knife Bag

Great for professional and home chefs alike, these Messermeister knife rolls will have you lookin’ sharp and your knives safe & secure.

Stasher Bags

Save the earth with these bags that DO IT ALL!  Cook it. Freeze it. Store it. Dishwash it. Stop buying plastic storage bags and save $.

Pakka Hardwood Spoons

Each of these durable, extremely heat-resistant hardwood cooking spoons has a unique and beautiful color pattern. You’ll love them!

Jim Spinx Coasters

These conversation-starting
wooden coasters make a perfect hostess gift when a bottle of wine just won’t cut it.

Silverware Pouches

Make any table stylish with these easy-to-use and easy-to-store Cutlery Couture pouches. Setting a beautiful table just got easy.

Green Bee Tea Towels

We carry a variety of cute and clever tea towels by Kansas City maker Green Bee. But we really, REALLY love this one with our logo!

RibStar Rubs

These award-winning Rub Me Tender™ rubs come in 3 varieties – Rib Rub, Brisket Rub + Chicken Rub, but you’ll use them on much more!

Savory Addictions Gourmet Nuts

Local makers Craig & Gay Jones have created a perfect blend of seasoning for mixed nuts, and they smoke them over real wood. #Yum

Vain Vanilla

No fake, multi-syllabic ingredients. We’re talkin’ Vanilla Bean + Rum. Period. Their Baker’s Blend is a must for the serious baker.

Help Fight Breast Cancer, keep a tea towel handy AND cleverly protect your boobies if you cook in the nude. (You’re welcome.) We will donate 10% of your purchase to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to further research for a cure.