‘Cake Combat’ Teambuilding Event

Cake CombatMove over Ace of Cakes, we’re taking cake decorating to a whole new level!

A 3-hour event, Cake Combat™ is perfect when you want to encourage  creativity amongst the teams. First, head into the kitchen with your co-workers, clients and friends, and enjoy a tasty appetizer prepared by one of our CCKC chefs and an adult beverage (or 2) at the bar.  Once everyone is pumped and ready to start decorating, we’ll divide the group into teams and each team will interact and get their creative juices flowing as they compete with other teams to create customized cake structures using cake, icing and some thought-provoking ‘mystery’ decorations along with a challenge and a time frame, all to be presented for our CCKC judges.

At the end of the decorating hour, the group sits down to for a meal or appetizer reception served by our extraordinary staff to celebrate their achievements. Afterwards, we’ll provide some light-heated feedback to top off this event.

Recipes included?  Of course!  All of your guests will be sent home with a customized recipe booklet with your logo on the front, and the recipes from your entire meal.

Want to add some extra spice to the competition?  Add our ‘Signature Awards Ceremony’ to your Cake Combat or any of our interactive cooking parties.  We are known for our Signature Awards Ceremony where experienced facilitators recognize each person’s contributions as well as the team as a whole in a light-hearted, funny way (we think we are pretty funny!).  We also have the teams present their decorated cake in a comical way according to the challenges we give each team (can we say ‘change the words to your favorite song and sing to the group’?). Plus everyone gets to go home with fun prizes!  Many say the ceremony is the highlight of their experience with us.  Our guests consistently leave with smiles on their faces and with a newfound sense of camaraderie.


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