‘Mystery Box’ Teambuilding Event

If the company picnic or the boring restaurant dinner isn’t cutting it, you are in the right place!  Trade the typical blah teambuilding activity for the heat of the kitchen and get fired up with your colleagues at this 3-hour, fast-paced kitchen competition brimming with culinary adventure and fun.

The Mystery Box Cookoff™ was our first interactive cooking party more than 20 years ago and is still going strong! Much like the popular cooking shows, your group will break into teams and cook from mystery boxes of ingredients without recipes. Not to worry though… we give you clues, our staff double checks that everyone is on the right track, and the food always turns out delicious. We promise!

Mystery Box

Your group will strategize, plan, barter, cook, create, communicate, beautifully present and dine on a tasty meal. Special challenges are incorporated too. We’ll provide some light-hearted feedback at the end to top off this event!

Want to add some extra heat in the kitchen?  Add our ‘Signature Awards Ceremony’ to the Mystery Box Cookoff or any of our other interactive cooking parties.  We are known for our Signature Awards Ceremony where experienced facilitators recognize each person’s contributions as well as the team as a whole in a light-hearted, funny way (we think we are pretty funny!).  We also have the teams present their final dish in a comical way according to the challenges we give each team (can we say change the words to your favorite song and sing to the group?). Plus everyone gets to go home with fun prizes!  Many say the ceremony is the highlight of their experience with us.  Our guests consistently leave with a smile on their face and have a newfound sense of camaraderie.


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