Unique Catering

CCKC Unique CateringFrom private dinners in our unique venue to elegant, fine dining at your home or off-site event venue, our chefs can create the perfect menu just for you.  And how about unusually creative (and delicious) boxed lunches at the office (see below for some next-level lunch ideas!!)?   What really makes us unique though is our ability to provide a fabulous culinary demonstration or perhaps some hands-on participation by your guests if you desire.  Hey, we are a culinary arts center.  It’s what we do!

Our chefs and staff have decades of combined experience catering for groups of 2 to 1000 and can guarantee an amazing experience and attention to detail that starts with creative direction (if needed!) and ends when we take out the trash so you don’t have to.

Let us help you take your event to the next level….

Bon Appetit!

Creative Catered Lunch Options

Let us bring out magic to you in the form of lunch, starting @ $12/person

Creative Catered Lunch OptionsWe have worked our magic and have taken the whole thinking-outside-the-[lunch]-box thing to the next level. When these ‘not so tasty’ times hit, we pulled out our biggest wand (that, by the way, looks a lot like a whisk) and got the voodoo working.  We not only ‘pivoted’ in our business… we freakin’ pirouetted our way to re-envisioning our cooking parties, teambuilding, culinary education and catered lunch models to accommodate what we knew to be our customers’ overwhelming need for experiences, especially ones that fostered re-connections and relationship-building. It’s our stock in trade – we create experiences that make that kind of wizardry happen.

Click on the titles above to find out more about these amazing lunch event options…

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