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What’s Going on Next Week

Wow, Next week is another plateful for  The Culinary Center of Kansas City.  Check it out; Join us

Sunday January 31

10:00-1:00  limited Hands On “Gourmet Candies” Homemade Truffle Creations  $55;( seats available)

Tuesday February  2

11:30-1:30 Staff Lunch no reservations needed; walk-in; $12

Wednesday February 3

6:30-9:00  limited hands on  Soups & Stocks, Cody Hogan; $50  (few seats available)

Friday February 5

6:30-9:00 Hands On, Flavorful Weekend Nights at CCKC “Julia & Me”; $75 (full but we have a waiting list)

Saturday February 6

9:00-1:00  The Ultimate “Divine Diva” Cake; Celia Shea; $75(seats available)

10:00-1:00 limited hands on  Quick & Easy Sourdough French Bread; Meta & Barry West: $50                                       (few seats available)

Click on the class/dinner to sign up on-line or call us at 913-341-4455

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