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Happy Birthday, Helen

“Crumbs From the “Floor” by Connie Miller (CCKC “House Mistress”)

Last Saturday, Helen celebrated her 60th Birthday here at the CCKC.

This unique interactive cooking party was specifically designed for Helen and her guests and represents yet another reason why I love what I do here at The Culinary Center. Five “hands-on stations” were set and ready in our Tuscan Kitchen when the party arrived. There were corn and crab fritters to be made, roasted chili guacamole, spicy mango chutney with brie en croute, crostini alla romana and, my personal favorite, tres leches cake! Everyone pitched in and with the able support of Executive Chef Matt Chatfield, the food turned out famously!

Now for the something a little bit different – her friends were not only going to cook but they were going to be in charge of decorating the tables. Sheila had gathered a tableful of decorative ideas in our Santa Fe Kitchen. We now knew that they could cook, but could they create an inviting and beautiful table? Yes! The tables were gorgeous. The party tables not only included the delicious hors d’oeuvres, but also a paired wine. And, what a variety! In addition to a Californian Bordeaux and a Meritage there was a dry, sparkling Pierre Sparr Marquis Perlade, the Washington Columbia Gewurtztrminer and Leone de Castris “Maiana”Salice Salentino from Italy. It was such a fun night! Everyone left with a smile on their face and I got to be a part of another wonderful culinary event.

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