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Takin out the Kitchen Trash

Let me tell you CCKC folks have a strong sense of duty….and  a stronger sense of humor. Unless breathing or blood flowing is a problem you will usually hear the howls of laughter. Interesting things happen within and without…think I will just start with a warming story. As I drove up to work the other day, I saw Victoria’s butt hanging out of the dumpster. Vicky is a little thing…dumpster a big thing….need I say more. The closer I got, the more laughter and cheering filled the air. The facts; one of our truly incredible and organized guest chefs  left her favorite pan at the CCKC. She rode her bike back the next day to retrieve it. Vicky KNEW it was there. She had washed it and put it in a bag, knowing the chef would return. High and low they looked…no pan. Vicky, knowing her “clean team” would do a thorough job, headed to the dumpster for a little diving. Fabuloso! Out crawled Vicky and the pan. Cheering crowd, happy chef, stinky Vicky. We are proud of YOU Victoria!!!!!!! stay tuned for more

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