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Spring Forward

Dear Fellow Foodies.

Don’t you just love when we get to “spring forward” like we did yesterday?  The sound of it inspires hope of slightly warmer days and those bright green colors of new growth.  I started considering what I would plant in my home garden this year and began that sweet anticipation of walking outside with my kitchen shears to harvest a bit here and there for whatever I’m cooking in the kitchen.  I keep it pretty simple but can’t do without my “caprese” garden as I call it: the perfect companion plants of tomato and basil.  You’ll also always find rosemary, sage, chives, Italian parsley, mint, thyme and a couple of pepper plants tucked away in my back yard somewhere.  And each year I try something new.   As we look forward to the bounty of the coming months, let us remember the words of Sophia Loren: “The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking is love for those you are cooking for.” Let this be the driving force of all your beautiful efforts in your own kitchen.

Happy “Springing Forward”

Laura Laiben O’Rourke
The “Main Dish”

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