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Meet Kyle Baker

Meet Kyle Baker. Kyle is a member of our Junior Chef’s Academy.

I am twelve years old and will be going to Mission Valley Middle School in the fall.  My favorite subject is science because I like to know how the world works around me.  I am an only child.  I have a dog named Tommy which I got from the Independence Animal Shelter.  I have three gold fish named Billy, Bob, and Buck.  I have two African dwarf frogs named Tim and Bruce.  I also have seven goldfish outdoors in a pond.  One of my favorite recipes to make is Rhubarb Pork.  So far I have only taken the chicken class, but I am signed up for many more like the pie making class and the pizza making class. In the chicken class I learned how to stuff and roast a chicken. I encourage all kids interested in cooking to take classes at the Culinary Center.  The classes are a blast!

The Culinary Center of Kansas Cityâ„¢    Junior Chef’s Academy (click here for more information)

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