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We Got Our Bad Selves Some Fall Cooking Classes!

Ahhhhhh…..that first sip of Sunday morning coffee!   And all the more delectable because I have JUST pressed the “send” button on the final version of our fall schedule of classes.  In fact our own Key Ingredient, Diana Cooper, is at her computer right now entering all of the classes online.  I’ll bet she gets those puppies entered by the end of the day.  Sorry Diana, that’s what you call a challenge!  So get your bad selves on-line at www.kcculinary.com and see what succulent treasures we have for your in THIS schedule of classes!  I just get all giddy when we pull the trigger on another installment of our class schedule because I know that you will be as excited as we are to see what we have put together for you to explore in the tasty world of food and cooking. I’m particularly excited about the fact that we will be competing in the American Royal Barbecue Contest this October 1 -3.  Yep, that’s what I said…our Midwest BBQ Institute will be led by none other than our own American Royal Grand Champion Chef Richard McPeake, assisted by his able compatriot, Bruce Campbell and our own Executive Chef Matt Chatfield.  And guess what????  You get to participate if you like.  Uh huh..that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  Register for our Friday Night “Smokin’ Schoolhouse” Party, or one of our “Study Hall Cooking Classes” on Saturday right smack dab in the middle of the best BBQ teams in the world!  That’s Right.  There’s also a spot for 6 people to stand beside our team and watch (and participate in) the competition process ALL WEEKEND!  Boy Howdy! (More info in our schedule of classes at www.kcculinary.com).  Sign up early for these smokin’ good opportunities!  So…..watch your mailboxes (real and virtual) in the next few days for our class schedule…and for heaven’s sake, get your patooty over to our kitchens and play with us!  Let us show you that it’s as much about the cooking “journey” as it is about what happens around the table!  See you in our kitchens!   Laura

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