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The Organic Garden

Vernon Quarles runs the “The Organic Garden” Farm based in Belton MO with his father Steven Quarles.  He is a 5th generation organic farmer, and one of the most prominent in the KC area with a large following.  They have been on their current homestead for over 20 years and farm over 20 acres.  They sell their produce at farmers markets, to restaurants, and also offer classes on wild edibles, nutrition and other related subjects throughout the year in the KC area.  The farm is named the “Organic Garden” because they feel like “garden” represents the true spirit of their business, the care and attention that they show to their produce is closer to a “garden” than a farm.  They produce rare and heirloom vegetables, goat meat and milk products, canned and preserved goods, custom belts from organic local leather, and they sell Amish baked goods.   In the winter they employ organic aeroponic, greenhouse, and hydroponic gardening techniques to produce vegetables year round, and are able to custom grow crops for their customers upon request. We understand he is a musician too, but we’re still finding out the scoop on that one.

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