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Snow-white smile

Nowadays, a white-toothed smile is an indicator of a person's success and aspiration to new heights. But our bad habits are fighting against the whiteness of tooth enamel on a daily basis: smoking, consumption of coffee, red wine and other beverages that have a negative impact on the surface of the teeth. Haste also does its job - often we spend very little time brushing our teeth without removing plaque and tartar deposits, which subsequently leads to disastrous results - teeth look yellow.

Our whitening kit will help mitigate these negative factors and help maintain the beauty of your teeth. Such teeth whitening is safe. It's hard to believe, but from the first application you will notice the changes. The whitening kit flawlessly fulfills its mission.

Self-whitening: pros and cons

The product range includes various products that allow you to easily whiten tooth enamel yourself and give it a healthy appearance. Only products of well-known brands in this area are presented, which have earned a lot of laudatory reviews over the years, as well as products for daily oral care. A bleaching kit deserves special attention.

All the products presented in the catalog are not products of acid or alkaline reactions, so they do not damage the enamel, gently affecting the upper layers of enamel with oxygen-based molecular compounds.

The proven effectiveness of the products is 18 months, during which your teeth will remain as white as after the procedure (provided proper daily care is provided), even if you smoke or drink a couple of cups of coffee a day.

Take a look at the pictures posted on the pages of glossy magazines - soon your smile will become no less dazzling, and the NAME home whitening kit will help her in this.

The whitening kit is already used by a huge number of people, each of them was satisfied with the result. They appreciated the advantages of this method and recognized that such teeth whitening is safe. When compared with other methods, it is safe to say that the bleaching kit is the most affordable and easiest of them.

In the NAME, you can buy a whitening kit and return your teeth to a snow-white appearance in a few days. Let others envy your dazzling smile. The whitening kit will not only improve the condition of the teeth, but also provide fresh breath.