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Tips for completing the MU Legend game. Passing Game #049

Character Parameters

In this tab you will find general information about gang members. Here you can select a total of 6 segments (the first 4 are always visible when switching tabs on the character sheet).

The first is statistics. Here you will find the exact parameters of the mafia. They determine the effectiveness of a character in battle and beyond. These:

Hp - determines the number of health points a character has. The more of them, the more damage they can get;

accuracy - describes the main chances of a successful shot;

hand-to-hand combat - determines the strength of the character during hand-to-hand combat;

intimidation - determines the chance of successful intimidation during dialogues;

persuasion - determines the chance of successful persuasion during dialogues;

initiative - according to this indicator, the game determines the order of the characters in the course;

movement - describes the range of character movement that can be performed within a single point of action;

protection bonus - determines the bonus to the character's defensive skills;

kills - indicates how many enemies the character has killed.

Traits are permanent character characteristics modifiers. They can have both positive and negative consequences. They are described in detail in a separate tab.

Relationships describes a character's relationship with other recruits. They affect team spirit and hiring opportunities.

Effects are character characteristics modifiers caused by certain events occurring during the game. They can be caused, for example, by the personal problems of a gangster.

Equipment - Here you can choose the equipment used by the character. When you click on the field with the type of equipment, the list of things belonging to your gang expands.

Morality and loyalty determine how a gang member treats you. Certain activities affect these indicators positively or negatively. If they fall too low, the satellite may leave you.

In the early stages of the game, examples of such juxtapositions include Maria Rodriguez and Hugh Miller or Nora Quinn and Grover Monks.

Exemplary teams

When choosing a team, you should make sure that you don't accidentally take people from the same class. This will limit the range of skills available to you. Of course, at the start you will not have a completely diverse team. Some members won't agree to join until you earn the right level of fame. Mortbein is far from Llumer, northeast of this village. There are two ways to get there. Bet Andreas provides slot machines for virtual coins and gives everyone a bonus of up to $300. Slot machines and casinos have more than 500 types of gambling games. BetAndreas Promotions - available bonus offers for regular and new players.