Book A Unique Holiday Party

We’ve cooked up a batch of creative holiday party ideas. So reserve your date and mark it off your to-do list. We’ll take it from here.

Edible holiday architecture at its finest… and no one gets pushed into the oven.  Working in teams, your guests will be given gingerbread pieces, edible “glue,” various edible decorations (including some mystery items) along with personalized challenges to build edible structures.  (You won’t believe what they come up with.)  Sprinkle in a bit of bartering and treat your guests to a few crafty cocktails and you have yourself a memorable evening!  

Move over Ace of Cakes, we’re taking dessert to a whole new level!  Everyone in your group will don their own unique elf name when they battle to win Santa’s good favor as they build and decorate holiday cakes.  Creative juices will be flowing with mystery decorations along with a challenge, a time frame and winner of the best decorated cake of the bunch. Donate them to local charities? Yes you could… or you could eat ‘em.  Santa’s elves would be proud either way!

Let’s go “old school” and make classic holiday treats to share.  We’ll have all the trappings of a festive party including hot cocoa, holiday music and cheerful beverages, if desired.  Then your group will divide up and create those tasty cookie jar treasures that we all remember.  Thumb Prints and Snowballs and the like.  While they are cooling, we’ll have lunch or dinner.  Each guest will take home cookies in a decorative container.  Some things just never go out of style, do they?

Would your group enjoy a bit of friendly competition mixed in with their holiday party?  Well, gather Donner & Blitzen and bring them to our kitchens for a fun day or evening where, much like the popular cooking shows, teams will cook from mystery boxes of ingredients to create a fabulous (yes, we promise it will be just that!) lunch or dinner.  Sprinkle in a bit of bartering, treat your guests to a few crafty cocktails and you have yourself a memorable evening.   You could even say it glows!

Feed the needs of our community AND have fun! Don your gay apparel (read: aprons) and let our Chefs lead you as you cook and package delicious home-made meals to donate to some well-deserving folks in Kansas City.  Then celebrate your good deeds together around the table as you dine on a festive meal or appetizer buffet.  Change it up a bit and decorate cookies to go with cherished children’s holiday books to be donated to underprivileged kids in the metro area.  Or perhaps you’d like to create homemade apple pies for a local food kitchen.  ‘Tis the season for giving! Let’s make a difference and keep the reason for the season top of mind.

Our lights will be twinkling here in historic Downtown Overland Park as you enjoy a fabulous dinner, exceptional service and warm holiday cheer.  Choose from several seasonal holiday-inspired 4-course menus and begin (or end) your evening with a smidge of hands-on cooking, if you like.  (We’re happy to substitute a Cooking Demonstration by one of our chefs for the hands-on activity, if desired.  Add some more fun and make the whole meal.  See? We’re flexible.)  Not to worry – those festive holiday outfits (or ugly sweaters?) are safe!  How’s that for a new take on the old holiday get-together?

Down with boring holiday lunch events.  Do something different, for heaven’s sake!  Step away from your cubicles and into our kitchens where your guests will be greeted with a cheerful beverage.  One of our chefs can teach you how to create one of the tasty dishes from your 3-course menu, then it’s your turn to get involved. (Not interested in getting your hands dirty?  One of our chefs can entertain you instead with a culinary demo. Want to make the full meal?  You can do that too!)  Afterwards, your group will celebrate around the table with a seasonal holiday menu.  Who will sing for their lunch? Anyone? ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Sorry, no humbugs allowed.

Let your guests mix and mingle in this holiday-inspired appetizer reception right in our comfortable kitchens.  Our chefs will create a buffet of impressive party fare and the fun begins when your guests get some hands-on fun as they create (and eat!) one of the items on the menu.  Get crazy and add a Mixologist to the party to make some trendy craft cocktails right in front of you.  Or what about a lesson in local brews paired with beer-inspired foods?  Uh huh. We thought you’d like that. 

Down with Boring Holiday Parties!

Each of our creative holiday events includes:

  • Holiday Décor
  • Coffee Service
  • Customized Recipe Booklet ‘Party Favor’
  • Waitstaff
  • House Tables,. Chairs, Linens, Plateware, Silverware, etc.
  • Warm & Cheerful ‘non-office’ Ambiance!