Creative Catered Lunches

Creative Catered Lunch OptionsWhat?  No community fridge for stashing your lunch?  Tired of that sad sack lunch or same ole food truck?  Wanna say “thank you!” to your peeps? As you might expect, we have worked our magic and have taken the whole thinking outside the [lunch] box thing to the next level. When these ‘not so tasty’ times hit, we pulled out our biggest wand (that, by the way, looks a lot like a whisk) and got the voodoo working.  We not only ‘pivoted’ in our business… we freakin’ pirouetted our way to re-envisioning our cooking parties, teambuilding, culinary education and catered lunch models to accommodate what we knew to be our customers’ overwhelming need for experiences, especially ones that fostered re-connections and relationship-building. It’s our stock in trade… we create experiences that make that kind of wizardry happen.

So, if you would… take a moment with us, don your best Harry Potter hat, and imagine your team (or family or besties) experiencing and re-connecting in a whole new way as we introduce our new line-up of, dare we say, amazing experiences that will address your need for good juju, community, connection and killer food… all in a safe and comfortable manner.  (You’re welcome.)

Lunch is a whole new thang!
We got this.

Lessons from the Lunch Ladies™

(A+ lunch. No-fail mini cooking class. No homework.)

Lessons from the Lunch LadiesTreat your peeps to an awesome chef-prepared box lunch that comes with a link that takes them straight from their desk to our kitchens!  Yup, while they are dining on a coolio lunch, they can tune in to watch one of our “Lunch Ladies” show them exactly how we made their ‘non-sad’ sack lunch! No worries… these Lunch Ladies won’t shame you for forgetting your lunch money. You’ve heard of “Dinner Theater” right?  We call this “Lunch Theater.”  How cool is that?!?! You are now officially the coolest boss EVER!

Tiny Desk Picnic™

(Your desk. Killer lunch. No ants.)

Tiny Desk PicnicWho said you can’t have a picnic at your desk?  We didn’t.  These babies are gonna bust up the lunch routine.  We’ll deliver highly creative picnic-worthy box lunches, complete with checkered tablecloth, creative al fresco background to tape to your computer screen and recipes (duh, we’re a culinary center). Just let us know how many and where?  We’ll take it from there.

Check out these options:

    • Climbin’ That Ladder’ Charcuterie Board
    • ‘Workin’ On My People Skills’ Salad-In-A-Jar
    • ‘Will Work For Food’ Build-Your-Own-Sammie Kit
    • All-Hands In The Poke Bowl
    • ‘Everyone is Employee of the Month’ BBQ Parfait
    • ‘I’m In A Meeting’ Chicken Caesar Wrap 
    • … and more

‘Afternoon Delight’ Snack Boxes™

(3 p.m. yawns. Awesome treats. #ILoveMyBoss)

'Afternoon Delight' Snack BoxesWatch the office spirits soar like a skyrocket in flight. ♫ Just thinkin’ of it’s workin’ up your appetite, right? (Ok, I’ll stop with the song references.) Let us make a special delivery to perk up your peeps during their boring… errr, uber focused… workday.  Imagine placing a chef-prepared snack box on their desk only to be met with a big smile and a “What? Food? Hey thanks!” We can customize as well. As always…a recipe is included.

Pick from several options, such as:

    • ‘Truffle Me Down To Buffalo’ Snack Box
    • ‘Leave Me Alone, I’m Doing My Crunches’ Snack Box
    • ‘Beam Me Up! Java-Jolt Snack Box
    • The Clockwatcher’s Retro Snack Box
    • … and more


(Work ’em hard. Send home dinner.)

Dinner-In-A-BoxLet us deliver a gnarly-good ‘no-refrigeration needed’ box of ingredients and a user-friendly recipe to your office to be distributed to employees to take home and create a dinner for 2 (or more?) at home.  Expect serious kudos as hippest boss of the year!

Choose from several cooking experience boxes, such as:

    • ‘I’ll Work Harder Tamale’ Dinner-in-A-Box
    • ‘Da Boss Loves Me’ Italian Dinner-In-A-Box
    • ‘Stirring Up Trouble At The Watercooler’
      Asian Stir-Fry Dinner-In-A-Box
    • ‘Now When Is My Vacation?’ Caribbean Grill Dinner-In-A-Box
    • … and more


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