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Great Lunch, Now On To Dinner…

Whew folks, we knew Matt’s four cheese grilled sandwich with balsamic onions and sourdough was awesome but man, did you let us know! People poured into staff lunch today and they were not disappointed! Gooey cheese, chocolate torte, what’s not to like?

What got everybody really excited though was learning about our upcoming “Downtown Dinner Club.” We made up a few flyers to let people know about are latest greatest idea and it really got the buzz going!  After a lunch like today, who wouldn’t want to come back to impress a date or chill with your buddies????

Here’s the scoop:

Just show up anytime between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. on Saturday April 10 and we’ll serve you a “Chef’s Choice” dinner! You’ll be seated “European-style” at community tables where you can converse with friends or meet new ones.

This is a “walk-in only” event, but not to fear as our Santa Fe Kitchen will be transformed into the “Santa Fe Lounge” complete with some laid-back music where you can enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail and some interesting little complimentary “bar bites.”

As if that’s not enough entertainment value, we’ll issue you what we’ve coined a “Downtown Clocktower Card,” that can be stamped at some of our favorite unique and often funky downtown galleries and shops that you can visit this evening as well!

Complete the card and bring it back to us that night by 10:00 and we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate toward a cooking class of your choice. Now we’re havin’ some fun! Dinner, Downtown Strolling and Dinero! Kind of a throwback to the good ole’ days where things were simpler, the food was honest and folks gathered “in town” on a Saturday night.

For 25 bucks a person, I think it’s a steal, my Staff Lunch buddies agree!

Rachel Ciordas

“Dean of Deliciousness”

Manager of Culinary Curriculum

The Culinary Center of Kansas Cityâ„¢

913-341-4455 x104


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