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Pro Series

Thanks Kim for your shout-out about your experience in the Pro Series. We have a new Professional Culinary Arts Series on the calendar beginning June 2.

Can’t control your inner foodie? Pro Series starts again in June!  Register now to reserve your spot.  This is a comprehensive hands-on nine week series modeled after traditional culinary school programs.  You’ll start with knife skills and move on to meats, seafood and vegetables.  From there you’ll cover different cooking methods – moist and dry heat cooking, including poaching and en papillote as well as searing, braising and grilling.  You’ll learn sauces – the basic “mother” sauces and small or “pan” sauces.  A sauce offers an opportunity to present a meal at a whole new level; you’ll learn to use sauces to make meals like a restaurant chef.  Graduation night includes a grand dinner, prepared by you, with guests of your choice.  We’ve had guests, including spouses, significant others, friends, parents, neighbors and co-workers, travel long distances to share the culmination of the Pro Series.

Pro Series is a great opportunity to gain confidence and build basic skills or hone your existing skills.  You will “wow” your friends and family with knowledge gained from this class.   This class leads to new menus, new techniques and new friends.  Perhaps this will be the start of a new dinner club.

The instructors are professional chefs with years of experience.  They will be able to answer your questions and offer the kind of information you will never find in a recipe.  The only way you can experience this kind of education, short of enrolling in a formal culinary arts program, is to reserve your spot in Pro Series today.  It’s only nine weeks, an experience of a lifetime and you know you’ll look good in chef’s coat!  What are you waiting for?

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