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Should We Change The Name of Our “Tuesday Staff Lunch?” Weigh in and Win!

Have you ever joined us at The Culinary Center for Kansas City on a Tuesday for our Staff Lunch?  If you haven’t, why not?  Seriously, we want to know.  Did you perhaps not even know that we offer lunch on Tuesday?  We wonder if our name is a bit confusing — Staff Lunch …(“Is it only for the CCKC Staff?”)  

We are thinking about changing it up.  New year, new lunch name, right?  Should we?  If so, what should we change it to?  We’d love to hear from you.  Just to make it more fun, we’ve decided to have a contest.  Come up with a winning new name for our Tuesday Staff Lunch and you’ll win, well …  Free Lunch (for 4 people!)  Email us your suggestions at marti@kcculinary.com. Include your name, email and phone number. Deadline: Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015.

Staff LunchJSYK, the name “Staff Lunch” was originally chosen because many of you have told us over the years – “Wow, I bet your staff gets to eat well here!”  It pretty much smells great every day here and when folks walk in the door, they usually make such comments!  So, we decided to open our doors and give you the opportunity to eat like the CCKC Staff.  That was several years ago. 

It has been a great success, not to mention an awesome way to build community in Downtown Overland Park.  However, we think it might be time for a change up…or not!  Weigh in, will you?



Ready, set, go!

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