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Goat Water, Fish & Fungi, Callaloo… Doesn’t It Make You Hungry?

Laura-CaribbeanTrip-goatsWelcome to paradise… not just the pristine blue waters and white beaches but the food culture, as well.  The Main Dish here … in the U.S. Virgin Islands researching (ahem) the best foods to eat while on the beach.  Not really … well kinda.

I am here on holiday, but when I hit the tarmac of any spot outside Kansas City, I can’t help but be drawn to the people and their connection with food.  Because food is what we must do each and every day, it turns out to be a lively barometer of the its inhabitants.

In that case, the people of the Caribbean might look a lot like a rum bottle.  More on that later….

Let’s start with Goat Water.  Yes, these gentle little four-legged folks make you laugh, but they also make a great stew.  Sorry if I have offended any of you;  I guess I should say an interesting stew, at the least.  It starts with cubes of goat meat, dredged in flour and browned in oil.  Remove the meat, then add cubes of pawpaw, breadfruit and onions and brown them too.  Add tomatoes, ketchup, margarine, salt and pepper and a few maggi cubes and let it stew on low for a while.  Make some dippers (read: dumplings) with the remaining flour and there you go — Goat Water, otherwise known as Goat Stew.  Serve it with bread and a rum drink, of course.  (you’ll see this reference to rum throughout my blogs… again, more on that later)

You’re ready to go … Mon!

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